Dream Connections’ 10 Top Strategies to Find an International Wife


If you're a single, red-blooded straight man, you're probably interested in beautiful women.


(Fairly obvious assumption, eh?)


But...  In today's climate, dating a beautiful woman comes with a horrible amount of hefty baggage.


Heck, giving a woman a simple compliment nowadays can get you ostracized and raked over hot coals.


You almost want to travel in time, back to when men were gentlemen, women were ladies, and marriages lasted a lifetime.


The Great Thing, is that there is a place where women haven't been turned into...


Well, whatever they are nowadays.


That Place is Overseas.


Good Men are Finding that there is an UNLIMITED supply of beautiful, classy women in former Soviet States, Central America, and Asia, where (due to lack of good men) they yearn for good men to be their husbands.


To get you started, I've narrowed 10 indispensable strategies - and what you need to know about them to succeed.


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Let's start with the infographic... (Download the PDF version here.)


Dream Connections - 10 Top Strategies to Find an International Wife


And here is the text version...



Strategy 1: Begin with the End in Mind


Your goal is to wake up to the woman your heart is longing for.


You're not "playing the field" anymore; you are serious and you're keeping your eye on the final destination.


You're looking for "Miss Right", not "Miss Right Now."



Strategy 2: Become comfortable in the foreign country


97% of all men looking for an International Wife are "keyboard jockeys;" guys who will never leave their home and are easy prey for online scammers.


For the 3% who do go overseas, most have never been out of their home country.


Make sure you have a trusted friend (or Romance Coach) who is a native speaker of the language and is savvy with the local customs.



Strategy #3: Screen Your Prospects (and Vice-Versa!)


Most men who go overseas in search of a wife are "not savvy" to the local customs, so they are easy "marks" for the unscrupulous.


Additionally, companies that don't screen their Men and take anybody have a bad reputation amongst the women, and the "best" women stay away.


Make sure that your prospects are fully screened and vetted, and make sure they screen *you*.


If a company claims they screen their attendees, find out HOW they do so!



Strategy #4: Get a Dedicated Romance Coach


More than a simple translator, you'll need a dedicated Romance Coach.


It's preferable that it's a woman, as women tend to pick up on sub-communication that occurs that most male translators miss.


Your choice of Romance Coach is of paramount importance: She'll be your 'wing-woman,' protector, and dating coach all in one.


Beware of companies that charge hourly for their translators; this is a common scam where disreputable companies will bleed their clients with hidden fees.



Strategy #5: Qualified Speed Dating


Much like strategy #3, you need to make sure that:


1) the ladies are genuine, and

2) that they're looking for the same goal as you - marriage.


Many disreputable 'romance tour' companies do not screen attendees and allow scammers (and even prostitutes) to attend their social events.


If a social event is held in a 'night club' atmosphere, and you are prevented from actually talking to the ladies... Beware!



Strategy #6: Live Coaching for When It Counts Most


You've returned from a great date with a wonderful woman. 




How should you move forward?  How do you continue the momentum?  Is it time to ask for a committed relationship?  You know how you'd move things forward in your home country, but does it work the same way in this different culture? 


You need to bounce these questions off of your Romance Coach. 


...or even better yet, from a manager you can trust. 


Real-time Coaching, from professionals - right when you need it!



Strategy #7: Advanced Training and Preparation


Before you step on a plane headed across the world to find your future wife, make sure you have all of your questions answered and fears calmed.


You should be thoroughly versed in dating foreign women, what sub-communication lurks behind her questions, and although you may have nervous excitement, you can stay calm, relaxed, and ready to win!



Strategy #8: A Brotherhood of Men


Men with a "Scarcity" mindset tend to worry about competition between the men for the ladies on a Romance Tour.


There is so much of an abundance of beautiful women in these countries, that competition is not an issue.


Don't gossip or brag about your dates with other men, keep it to yourself and everything will turn out fine.


You're all in this together; you'll be surprised of the close friendships you'll make when good, open-hearted men share an experience like this.



Strategy #9: Stay in One City


You'll probably see multi-city Romance Tours and think it will improve your chances to find a wife: 


More cities = more women = higher chance of success, right?




If you're making good progress with a lady, nothing KILLS your momentum quicker than telling her that you're leaving for another city to date other women.


Stay in one city, it'll give you a better chance of success.



Strategy #10: Behind the Scenes Monitoring


A great way to ensure your Romance Coach / Personal Assistant "has your back" is to have her keep a record of each of your dates in a diary or report.


Over time, your coach will be able to gauge how you're doing and make recommendations to you, and give you additional thoughts to consider.


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