What Women Want

    Ever wonder what women REALLY want?  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to hear what women are thinking like Mel Gibson in the romantic comedy " What Women Want"? Mark unravels the code in this ground breaking webinar!


    International Marriages - Amazing and Special Relationships

    What makes a Relationship with a Foreign Woman so Special? If you say "Their Beauty", well, that's the easy answer.

    Yes, foreign women, on the average, are consistently ranked the most beautiful in the world.

    ...but beauty really just scratches the surface. There are SO MANY other reasons that being in a relationship with one of these women is so amazing. 

    I'm talking about: The Way they Treat their Men, Family Comes First, How they Show Love and Affection, How they Support their Men as their Champion, and more!


    Webinar Replay - Quest Tour Tips

    I've enjoyed the amazing energy of the men on the May 2017 Quest Tour. It humbles me to see the amazing work we're doing and the happiness it creates. I also get to hear from them of all the things they were so glad they did that helped make their Quest Tour amazing, and things they wish they'd done to make it even better.

    Here I break it all down:


    The Untold Truth About Age Differences

    Do Ukrainian or Russian women really care about age differences? Do couples who have 5, 10, or even 25 year age gaps really make it? Hear the truth about what Loyal Russian and Ukrainian ladies feel about marring a man who is older.


    Ukrainian Ladies Describe Their Perfect Man

    It's not very often that I have such an AMAZING treat for you! During the March Quest Tour, I had the chance to interview 4 beautiful Ukrainian ladies where I had the rare opportunity to ask them all about their thoughts of our meet and greet events, what they're looking for in a man, and what their dream relationship looks like! And better yet... I'm going to decode their "Ukrainian-woman-speak" into what's really going on beneath the surface, and how what they're saying (or NOT saying) makes them stand head and shoulders above any woman you've ever dated back home...