Webinar Replay – Anna On Relationships

    It's not often that you'll get to hear first-hand the raw truth about multi-national relationships, with a lady's spot-on sensibility.


    Last Tuesday, Anna talked about those Important Topics that you didn't know you needed to hear, but are INVALUABLE.


    How to Be the Husband Your Wife Adores

    If you missed Tuesday's Webinar you won't want to miss the replay! This was a first - and one for the ages!

    I've taught on so many things over the years, but never on the fundamentals of an amazing marriage. Yet, we have so many couples now that it only made sense to share what we've learned about creating the relationship of your dreams once you've found the woman of your dreams!

    Perhaps I didn't think this would apply to everyone, since it was mostly applicable to the married men, but I was wrong. This was revolutionary to everyone.


    Communication That Leads to Love

    It's not your fault.


    As men, we're extremely analytical and logical when it comes to our conversations.


    But once you go overseas and meet your "other half", have an amazing time building a new relationship, the biggest mistake guys make when they return home was the subject of Last Tuesday's webinar:


    What Women Want

    Ever wonder what women REALLY want?  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to hear what women are thinking like Mel Gibson in the romantic comedy " What Women Want"? Mark unravels the code in this ground breaking webinar!


    International Marriages - Amazing and Special Relationships

    What makes a Relationship with a Foreign Woman so Special? If you say "Their Beauty", well, that's the easy answer.

    Yes, foreign women, on the average, are consistently ranked the most beautiful in the world.

    ...but beauty really just scratches the surface. There are SO MANY other reasons that being in a relationship with one of these women is so amazing. 

    I'm talking about: The Way they Treat their Men, Family Comes First, How they Show Love and Affection, How they Support their Men as their Champion, and more!