How Dream Connections Is Different From The Rest

    How is Dream Connections different from any other international dating company? Why do we not include airfare? How is it that you can succeed only staying in one city? Is the personal translator and 24/7 onsite coaching really make a client more successful than other companies giving you just the option to have one at your own expense.
    All these questions and more are answered here.


    "Webinar Replay" Sex and International Dating Advice with Mark & Anna Davis

    Sex is a topic that is seldom discussed with any dignity and yet it needs to be. There are huge differences in expectations and experiences around the world on this topic. Mark & Anna Davis have been teaching about cultural difference with dating around the world since 2009 when Mark published his first book.


    More Interviews with Ukrainian Girls from the Romance Tour Nov 2015

    Hear from the ladies themselves, why they choose to come to a Dream Connections event. Why some come back each time a Quest Tour happens. Listen why they crave a “Man of Action” for a husband. Enjoy.


    Ukrainian Woman’s Philosophy on Mens and Women’s Roles

    Mark has referred to the relationship model where the woman is the spirit of the spirit of the home and the man is like the castle walls that protect it.  This short segment of an interview is from Julia – a woman who attended the September 2015 Quest Romance Tour with Dream Connections.


    Hear The Women In Nikolaev Share From Their Hearts On a Romance Tour

    You’ll find the insights and tender hearts of these women from Ukraine to be endearing and captivating.

    Listen and see if this isn’t exactly the type of woman you are hoping to marry someday.