Throwback Thursday: 7 Challenges for Single Men

    I was profoundly affected by the power of this presentation.  In one afternoon it all came to me.  The drive and passion of six years of doing this.  What I really wanted to say about the nobility and power of what your personal journey can mean -- for you, your future wife, and the world around you.  It all come together in one afternoon as I prepared for this presentation and I really want you to catch this.


    Throwback Thursday: Travel Tips for Your Quest

    We just completed a great call with tons of great tips for planning for your tour.  We covered:
      - Training Videos
      - Connect with the Guys
      - Flight Planning
      - European Power Adapter
      - Clothes to Pack
      - Phone and Skype Setup
      - Cash to Bring
      - Gifts or No Gifts
     - Things to know before you Travel to Ukraine


    Throwback Thursday: International Dating SCAMS: Inside the Mail Order Bride Industry - a Watchdog Presentation

    We are optimists and believe in international marriage, but we know how many good and sincere men try to find what we have and end up running into scams and deceptive practices.

    The best thing you can do for yourself is to understand what you really want and how this industry works.

    This video could save you thousands of dollars and a LOT of heartache!


    Throwback Thursday: Jeremy and Gala

    3 Videos on This Topic,

    Video 1 - This is Jeremy and Gala. They've been married 3 years now. They first met on a Quest Tour in 2013. She was a translator for us for two years and would never date any of the clients - but this real estate agent from Canada caught her eye.

    Video 2 - We caught up with Jeremy and Gala when he returned to Ukraine to visit his fiancé and got a sense of where they are now as a couple.

    Video 3 - If you'd watched the previous videos with Jeremy and Gala you have seen how their relationship has grown from when they first met, to when he went back to visit her.  This video completed the circle as we get to see them together in his home in Canada and they talk about their new life together as they talk with Mark & Anna Davis.


    Throwback Thursday: Realistic Expectations for International Dating

    Did you ever see Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

    The main thing (besides the aliens) was that certain people across the world felt an undeniable pull to a faraway, strange location.

    These individuals were looked at by the people around them as strange and were shunned because they weren't conforming to societal norms, like everyone "should".

    But these hand-picked individuals were Right; there WAS an important reason they felt this pull.