"Webinar Replay" "The Masculine Journey" - The Path of Legends Set Before Us

This is a replay from 25 Aug, 2015.

The role of men in Western society has been lost. Men lack role models. We aren’t needed to physically defend our homes. Women can provide for themselves. Men are blamed for all of the ills in society and have begun to shrink back into a malaise of numbness.


Happy Valentines Day! From Dream Connections to the Tribe

Julie, one of our Translators at Dream Connections Delivers a special Valentine’s Day Message to all the guys in the Tribe.


Webinar Replay” Life Lessons From Superbowl 50

How can you draw lessons from Super Bowl 50 that apply to dating women overseas and success in life? Just watch.


“Ukrainian Secrets” New Videos

Our ladies have produced two more amazing videos to share with you


Webinar Replay – The Science & Value of Beauty

Beautiful women are treated differently than others, and it has more to do with socially misguided messaging and men’s confusion than anything. In this presentation Mark walks through all of the ways the subject of beauty crosses paths in our lives and why the noble man should expect to have many sources of beauty in his life. This is a very unique presentation. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.


New “Ukrainian Secrets” Video now Live

From Irina:
Hello, Guys! DC company is with you now. My name is Irina. place, where people give a birth for a beauty. I know, that you admire beauty of Ukrainian ladies, but today, let us ask them some interesting questions.
-I would like to introduce you Dasha.


Round Table Discussion on the Nov 2015 Quest Romance Tour

Don’t miss this Roundtable Discussion with SIX Men from the Last Ukrainian Quest Tour. You’ll Hear these Guys Tell you their Stories about:
- What got Them Thinking About Dating Overseas in the First Place
- What the Experience Was Like Going to and Dating Ladies in Ukraine
- Their Relationships with Their Translators, and How They Make All the Difference in the World!


Our Dream Ladies in Ukraine Launch Their Own YouTube Channel: UKRAINIAN SECRETS

This was such a wonderful surprise!  Our staff and translators in Ukraine wanted to help get the word out about Ukraine, the culture, the women, and our Quest Tours by creating their own channel.

What they have produced is awesome in every way!  Please go now to watch this video then Subscribe to their channel to support their efforts.

Thank you to our Dream Ladies!


[WEBINAR REPLAY] 5 Mistakes Women Make in Relationships

Marina skillfully goes into a woman’s mind to explain how and why they make mistakes in relationships. Her experience in working with Ukrainian women and counseling hundreds of men who talked about women from the West – this may be the relationship Gold Pressed Latinum secret to the universe you’ve been looking for!


“Webinar Replay” 5 Basic Needs of Ukrainian Women in Relationships

Dream Connections presents another outstanding discussion with their Ukrainian manager, Marina, as she describes the 5 basic needs of women in relationships. This is just amazing information!


Interview with Irina the New DC Manager in the Nikolaev Office

It’s awesome to now have Someone in the Office on a more consistent basis to interview new Ladies who apply, arrange English lessons, coordinate gift deliveries, and many other details that take place on a daily basis in Nikolaev.  Irina also holds a PhD in Education and has been a professor at a local University teaching English, and training Translators.


More Interviews with Ukrainian Girls from the Romance Tour Nov 2015

Hear from the ladies themselves, why they choose to come to a Dream Connections event. Why some come back each time a Quest Tour happens. Listen why they crave a “Man of Action” for a husband. Enjoy.


“Webinar Replay” Simple Fixes for Screw Ups Men Make Dating Women Overseas

How many different ways can you screw up something so good? Marina Kuguk, Dream Connections’ manager in Ukraine, covers the most frequent mistakes she’s seen men make with their Ukrainian women. And don’t miss the second part where she also discusses the mistakes Ukrainian women make with their Western boyfriends!


Power Planning For An Awesome Future Part 3: Creating Your Dream Life

Finally. All three videos in the “Power Planning Series” are ready to help you take your life to the next level. These presentations are Mark’s best for your personal development. See for yourself why you’ll take this information with you for the rest of your life!


Ukrainian Woman’s Philosophy on Mens and Women’s Roles

Mark has referred to the relationship model where the woman is the spirit of the spirit of the home and the man is like the castle walls that protect it.  This short segment of an interview is from Julia – a woman who attended the September 2015 Quest Romance Tour with Dream Connections.


Quest Playbook