November 2015 Ukraine Quest Tour Photos “NOW” Available

Every Quest Tour we take photos and videos for everyone to see. Here you can see for your self that this program is the real thing. We do not hide anything. As a company we value community, love, and giving back. Check out how the November Romance Tour went.


“Webinar Replay” November 2015 Ukraine Trip Report

The “Trip Report” shares the photos of the Ukrainian Women and International Men who attended the November 2015 Quest Tour in Nikolaev Ukraine. Here Mark tells the stories of the week and how guys just like you can succeed in finding their own International wife.


“Webinar Replay” More Stories From Men Who Married Women Overseas

International dating is a new concept to many men. It may be hard to understand the benefits until you can hear from men who have found their wives in another country. This is that video! Listen to the stories from 15 different men who are married or engaged to women overseas.


Our Hearts are with the People in the City of Love

Our hearts are overwhelmed with grief, compassion, anger, and a desire for justice over the horrific tragedy in Paris, France.

I wanted to share my heart and some thoughts with you, the men of the Tribe at Dream Connections.


“Webinar Replay” – Living “Life B” Stories

Recently Mark asked the couples in the tribe, “What have their women done for them that they could not imagine any other woman doing?”. Here he shares some of the responses he received. All the responses came from all ages, ethnicities, and countries. Hear what the men had to say about their international wife.


[WEBINAR REPLAY] My Most Important Video Yet – PLUS the Big Secret is Revealed

I’ve presented hundreds of times over the past 5 years, but I considered this to be one of my most important videos ever!  This is where we help you to finally make this real for yourself.  Are you finally ready to find your international wife?


[WEBINAR REPLAY] Healthy Roles for Men and Women in Relationships

If you haven’t been witness to one of my ‘rants’, then this webinar is where you’ll finally see the gloves come off and you’ll hear me give you some straight-talk about the HEALTHY roles of men and women in relationships.


Webinar Replay: Colombia Trip Report

Mark shares photos and videos of the Colombian Ladies during the Colombia Quest Tour. Hear from the ladies themselves why they are looking for a Man just like you.


Anna’s Story is the Centerpiece of a National News Feature in Ukraine

We just had one of the LARGEST news sources in Ukraine publish a FULL FEATURE article on us and it went throughout the country!

The article in Russian, but you can read the English equivalent if you click on the photo below (It will take you to a Google Translated version of the article):


Webinar Replay Now Available – 2 videos – Translators And Men From The September Quest Tour Shere Their Thoughts

Our Ukrainian translators give their perspectives of being the assistant for the client in finding their half on a Quest Tour. Hear how they prep a client to date a lady from overseas, prep for success, and how to be the man of her dreams.


2 New Dream Life Stories Now Available.

Paul can’t stop smiling – he is so in love and the bond between them shows up for all to see. Paul met Tatiana on a Dream Connections’ Quest Tour and it changed both of their lives forever! Listen to their story.


Hear The Women In Nikolaev Share From Their Hearts On a Romance Tour

You’ll find the insights and tender hearts of these women from Ukraine to be endearing and captivating.

Listen and see if this isn’t exactly the type of woman you are hoping to marry someday.


Trip Report Replay Plus 215 Photos of the Ladies from the September Quest Tour in Ukraine

View 215 photos of the ladies who attended the group speed dating events in Ukraine


WEBINAR REPLAY: Patrick and Natalia’s Colombian Quest Romance Story

I have loved getting to know this brother, and I know you will too.  This is what we’re about: real guys doing the work and being rewarded for the right actions.

You know how I’ve told you to look for the one who will match your efforts?  You’ll love hearing about the ways Natalia set out to make Patrick feel loved.


Greg’s Individual Quest Romance Tour Story & Lessons Learned

This is the first interview we’ve done with a man who participated in our IQT program. Sometimes the dates of the tours don’t work, or some men prefer the one-on-one experience over the group experience.


Quest Playbook