Colombia Awaits!

Guys, In all of the excitement about re-launching our Colombian Group Tour Program, I wanted to find a way for you to catch a glimpse of what awaits you in Medellin.  Watch each of these short videos and see yourself there.


Is My Bride Really Willing to Leave Her Country For Me?

You found the girl of your dreams.  You are both crazy for eachother.  But is she really willing to leave her country for you?


How Long Is This Going To Take?

How long will it take to bring my foreign bride home?  We get this question almost every week.  In this webinar Mark dives into the entire romantic journey from start to finish.  From when you think about going until she walks into your home for the first time!


What Women Want

Ever wonder what women REALLY want?  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to hear what women are thinking like Mel Gibson in the romantic comedy " What Women Want"? Mark unravels the code in this ground breaking webinar!


Joel & Kate: One of Our Most Powerful Love Stories

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God for the work he's given us to do here at Dream Connections. Every day we hear from more and more men and women about how we've made a difference in their lives.


Throwback Thursday: Dating Ukrainian Women - The 7 Most Common Mistakes Men Make

Here is some of the best advice I have given on dating ladies in Ukraine. These 7 most common mistatkes also have a flip side succcess strategy behind each one. Getting past these will increase your chances for success greatly!

International dating with women in Nikolaev Ukraine is something to prepare yourself for. Mistakes cause unnescessary loss of opportunity. There have been many relatinships that should have happend that were cut short because men went over without any real education from men who have succeeded. 

We Hope this brings you one step closer to your dream.


International Marriages - Amazing and Special Relationships

What makes a Relationship with a Foreign Woman so Special? If you say "Their Beauty", well, that's the easy answer.

Yes, foreign women, on the average, are consistently ranked the most beautiful in the world.

...but beauty really just scratches the surface. There are SO MANY other reasons that being in a relationship with one of these women is so amazing. 

I'm talking about: The Way they Treat their Men, Family Comes First, How they Show Love and Affection, How they Support their Men as their Champion, and more!


Throwback Thursday: How do you know if a Ukrainian woman is really "in to you"?

How can you tell if she's "IN TO YOU"?  When you leave your country and go to Ukraine to date ladies there, you have to keep in mind that you are the one coming into their culture and dating women who may have a different concept of "normal" dating practices.  

Many men misread the interest of the women there so I created this presentation to shed light on the world you are entering and to help make sense of the signs you receive from the women there.  She may be in to you and you're missing all of the clues.  Or, she many not and you're reading things wrong because you're brining your own dating experience into the picture with false expectations.


Webinar Replay - Quest Tour Tips

I've enjoyed the amazing energy of the men on the May 2017 Quest Tour. It humbles me to see the amazing work we're doing and the happiness it creates. I also get to hear from them of all the things they were so glad they did that helped make their Quest Tour amazing, and things they wish they'd done to make it even better.

Here I break it all down:


Week Update: 8 - 14 May, 2017

3 New Videos -

What It Takes To Win The Heart Of A Ukrainian Lady - Ukrainian Ladies Tell All

Ask Mark: "What To Do With Ladies I Am Already Talking To On Other Websites?",

Romance Tour Trip Report: Live From Nikolaev Ukraine - May 2017,

Meet Your Translator Dinner - March 2017


Ukrainian Women in Nikolaev Meet Men from All Over the World!

See the wonderful ladies of Ukraine meeting men from all of the world for the first time on a Quest Romance Tour with Dream Connections in May 2017. This is a remarkable video. Enjoy the smiles and feel the energy and you'll quickly see how it's possible to meet sincere and warm hearted women from overseas.


Throwback Thursday: Bringing Your Ukrainian Wife Home and Finishing Strong

The one thing most people don't want to talk about is the dedication you'll need to have in order to accomplish this dream for your life. It will take months and cost several thousand dollars.  How do you keep your moral up and your eye on the prize? Let's talk about it and I think you'll come away with the focused determination you need to cross the finish line.


Romance Tour Trip Report: Live From Nikolaev Ukraine - May 2017

One of the greatest proofs that it is possible to meet sincere women in Ukraine's City of Brides is to see it in photos and stories from the men who witnessed it themselves. In this video, you'll see over 150 photos from the live dating event that had taken place just a few days earlier and from the men who were there to tell the story!


Meet Your Translator Dinner - March 2017

Ukrainian Translator Dinner is the first event that a guy does on his Quest Tour. He and his translator take this meeting to get a feel for one another and plan for the upcoming week of dates. Your translator/personal assistance is your number 1 reason you will succeed. What better way to understand a woman with another woman who is on every date you are on. You can talk about how each encounter was, and if what your seeing from the lady is what really is happening. She is your confidant, protector, BS decoder, and so much more...


Week Update: 1 - 7 May, 2017

3 New Videos - Real Ukrainain Romance Tour Love Story - Listen To What They Said, What does International Dating do for you - Even When You Don't Find the Girl?,  George & Yana Baptista Wedding



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