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Week Update: 20-26 March,2017

Week update 4 Videos -

Why Dream Connections Is Right For You,

Ukrainian Translators - Secrets to International Dating Success,

Ask Mark: "When are You Ready for a Relationship After A Divorce?",

How To Tell If The Women You're Writing To Is Legit


Ask Mark: "When To Get Into A Relationship After A Divorce"

How to Tell When You're Ready for a new Relationship - Post-Divorce.
Most guys who find me who've been divorced never wanted to BE divorced.

Most guys who follow my teachings are simply good guys who Want to be married, Want to be faithful, and Want to be a good father... But for whatever reason, they now find themselves divorced and single again.

Well, whatever the reason that the divorce happened, it's common to have bitterness and baggage; but those are the two biggest things that will keep you from ending up with the beautiful woman who is destined to be your 'other half'.

Today's Ask Mark will discuss how to make sure your mind is clear of that self-defeating bitterness and baggage and will prepare you for your next big adventure!


Throwback Thursday: Realistic Expectations for International Dating

Did you ever see Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

The main thing (besides the aliens) was that certain people across the world felt an undeniable pull to a faraway, strange location.

These individuals were looked at by the people around them as strange and were shunned because they weren't conforming to societal norms, like everyone "should".

But these hand-picked individuals were Right; there WAS an important reason they felt this pull.


Week 13 - 19 March, 2017

Week update 3 Videos,

Live From The March 2017 Quest Romance Tour,

Ask Mark "What is Too Much Or Too Little When Giving Gifts?",

Foundation Of International Dating And How It Works


Ask Mark: "What Is Too Much Or Too Little When Giving Gifts?"

Ukrainian ladies do love the gifts from their guy. However, what is over the top, what makes you look cheap, what is appropriate during the courtship process and more...


Throwback Thursday: True Stories of Mail Order Brides from TV Show Secret Lives of Women - Ukrainian Style

My wife and I enjoyed helping to create this segment.  The people at WeTV were awesome to work with. I'm really glad we got to tell our story.  Although the term Mail Order Bride is outdated, the idea of men from the West being attracted to foreign brides goes back thousands of years.

And the story is told from our old home in Sacramento!


Live From The March 2017 Quest Romance Tour

Today's video is an interview with Phil, who tells you his unique story of how he decided to go on a Romance Tour, the adventures he's having, and we showed OVER 200 Photos from the Meet and Greet Events!

If you're a heartfelt man who's looking for his lifelong 'other half' (or you know someone who would be a good fit), our Ukrainian Quest Romance Tour is a very unique way for men to find love.


Week 6 - 12 March, 2017

Week update 5 Videos

Children in Ukraine Show Love to Thier Mothers on March 8th - International Women's Day,

How To Tell If She Is Legit,

Ask Mark: "Will She Be Younger Than Me?",

Becoming a Man of Action


Becoming Men Of Action


Ask Mark: "Will I Be Able To Find A Lady Younger Than Me?"

Sometimes I don't see the Forest for the Trees.

Let me explain:

I received an "Ask Mark" question recently where a guy asked about the Real Possibility of him marrying a younger woman when he finds his Other Half overseas.


Throwback Thursday: Anna and Marina on Dating Ukrainian Women for Marriage

Once again Anna Davis and Marina Kuguk take center stage to deliver plain truth on dating Ukrainian women - and how to succeed!


How To Tell If She Is Legit

Sadly, we get calls and e-mails in the office like this almost *every day*:

"I've been writing to (x) girl from (y) website online... I've spent over $2,000 on letters so far. I think she's legit, but something in the back of my mind tells me something's off. Can you do a background check on her?"

The short answer is...


Week 27 Feb - 5 March, 2017

Week update 5 Videos

Ukraine Shopping & Dining with Irina and Lisa

Jordan Harbinger's New Interview with Mark Edward Davis

What is "International Women's Day"? What You Must Know . . .

Ask Mark - The First Rule for Living Abroad

Finale Dinner - November Quest Tour 2017 - Nikolaev Ukraine


Ask Mark: How To Live Overseas - Lesson One

What if I want to MOVE there???

You'd be surprised how often I hear this from guys once they've experienced the "Good Life" overseas.

So... I'm going to give you the 'inside scoop' to what you need to know to live a happy life overseas with your lady.


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