"Discover Your Purpose" with Mens Coach Mark

Why am I here on this earth?  What would get me up every morning ready to take on the world?  "Discover Your Purpose" is an in depth presentation that explores these questions and may guide you to find that very thing that gives meaning and fulfillment to life.  Get ready to take notes and pay attention - this could change your life!


Dream Connections and Abundance International Organize Premature Infant Care Center Project in Nikolaev Ukraine

For the past 4 years, we've taken the local orphanage in Nikolaev under our wing and have taken on a new undertaking that is going to positively affect the lives of countless children who come through their door.  Nearly 1/3 of the children in this orphanage are 'special-needs' children and one of the biggest needs they address is premature births. This project will create an new birthing center wing devoted to premature babies.


Live Trip Report Ukraine - September 2016

In another SOLD out Quest Tour, Men from the Sept 2016 Ukraine Quest Tour share their experiences of the past week. Topics include why not to wait any longer to attend a tour, what it is like meeting and dating the ladies, have they really found love in a few days of dating, and so much more.


I Am Getting Married! Now What?

Do I get married in her country or mine? Should I be aware of her ideas for the wedding, or should I plan everything? What about her family, friends, and beliefs? Will this international marriage cost me too much? How does the visa process play into all of this?


The Dream Connections Movement - The History Of A Life-Changing Cause

What started out as a way to help sincere men from the west, meet sincere women from the east, has turned into more than Mark or Anna Davis could have imagined. Not only did the couple desire for others to experience the love they share, but they set out to create something totally different in an industry where most people are left paying $1,000s to be their own detective.

The Dream Connections Movement has taken the world by storm. In an industry where scares are the norm. What other company can claim they have helped Hundreds get married, and at the same time have ZERO divorces of those couples. We desire to bring back marriage in this world. One couple at a time.


The Grand Adventures Of Global Travel

In this video Mark speaks on what traveling around the world has done for his life. He shares his experience, lessons he has learned, and how easy it can be so you too, can broaden your life experiences.


International Romance Tour Q&A with Mark and Anna Davis

Here Mark and Anna Davis Finish answering viewer questions from last weeks webinar. Topics include, How many guys have been divorced after marring a lady through Dream Connections, when you should fill out a profile, what ladies at their first "Meet and Greet" event are told to expect, how to dress on a Quest Tour, when a interview happens, can you date the translators, how to travel to a Quest Tour, and so much more.


Anna and Irina Take the Helm

Anna and Irina ran the webinar last Tuesday!  Check out the video to hear their answers to your biggest questions about dating and marrying overseas.


Creating Your Bucket List

What are you biggest dreams? Visit Machu Pichu? Have children? Drive the Autobahn?  In this video, Mark teaches you what you need to think about before, during, and after you create a bucket list.


New Photos And Video From July 2016 Quest Tour

Here are the photos and some videos from the July 2016 Quest Romance Tour. Enjoy!!


Webinar Tonight Moved to Next Week - Double Header!

Our webinar for tonight has had to be postponed 'til next week due to "Technical Difficulties".

Make sure you watch the video below from Mark:


Olia Reznikova, Husband, and family At July 2016 Quest Tour

I want to thank Olia Reznikova, her husband Zhenia and family for making the trip to Nikolaev


Trip Report - Ukraine Quest Romance Tour - July 2016

Live report from Nikolaev Ukraine with Mark Edward Davis and 3 men from around the world share their stories and photos of a week that changed their lives!


Ukrainian YouTuber Olia Reznikova Visits DC on The July 2016 Quest Tour

Her words from her facebook page.

I am on the tour with Dream Connections in Nikolaev! All those guys are so cool, and the most pleasent for me - they watched my videos and are my followers! ;-)
Having fun and filming everything for you :-) I will share my impressions soon!


Facebook Live Feed of July 2016 Meet And Greet Events

 Join Mark as he shows LIVE what a Meet and Greet event looks like as it happens.


Quest Playbook