Live From The March 2017 Quest Romance Tour

We're knee-deep in the middle of our March 2017 Quest Romance Tour as I write this.


Today's video is an interview with Phil, who tells you his unique story of how he decided to go on a Romance Tour, the adventures he's having, and we showed OVER 200 Photos from the Meet and Greet Events!


If you're a heartfelt man who's looking for his lifelong 'other half' (or you know someone who would be a good fit), our Ukrainian Quest Romance Tour is a very unique way for men to find love.


We prescreen both men and ladies prior to their attending one of our events, then we bring both groups together and let the "magic" happen!  Check the video for yourself.....



Are you exhausted of your local Dating Scene?  Maybe you're looking in the wrong place.  Maybe the woman of your dreams is Overseas.


If you're ready for a lifelong, serious relationship with a loving, beautiful woman, Click the button below and fill out a Profile Form Today to see if a Quest Tour is a good fit:

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