Throwback Thursday: Realistic Expectations for International Dating

Did you ever see Close Encounters of the Third Kind?


The main thing (besides the aliens) was that certain people across the world felt an undeniable pull to a faraway, strange location.


These individuals were looked at by the people around them as strange and were shunned because they weren't conforming to societal norms, like everyone "should".


But these hand-picked individuals were Right; there WAS an important reason they felt this pull.


And in a weird sort of way, that's what Today's email is all about.


For some reason, you've felt this same undeniable pull to a faraway land in search of your other half. You may not know why, but something just 'feels right' about the possibility of finding your future wife overseas.


Your family and friends may not understand why you feel this way, but you can feel relieved because there is a Whole Tribe of men that feel the same way as you.


And the Feeling you Feel is RIGHT.


But if you are going to take this "pull" seriously... What do you do? What can you expect?


Well, that's what today's Throwback video from 2014 talks about.


Click the Video below to Watch it Now:



(Also hear the Audio version on SoundCloud -


If there's anything to learn from today's video, it's to listen to your heart and your gut and Go For It!


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