Throwback Thursday, Re-Defining Relationships - Lessons from International Marriages

Have you ever heard this kind of logic, "Marriage is not a 50-50 relationship; it's 100-100!" Of course. We all have. That's what you've been told by pop psychology. It suggests that you just have to give your 100% and then find someone who would give their 100% and you'd be fine. Right?

That's the same terminology you'd expect to hear in a negotiation, not a relationship. In my opinion, this is the number-one reason is why relationships in the West are failing!

The greatest wisdom and truth is simple -- easy to grasp. But it will blow your mind and could change you forever.

The concept I'm going to share with you came to me from learning about a particular Japanese custom and a Greek legend -- and I'll tell you why this new paradigm has a greater probability of success than what hundreds of millions experience in modern Western society!


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