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Victoria grew up in Nikolaev, Ukraine and has become a friend of ours at Dream Connections.  Her prices on international travel have matched or beaten the discount sites on most times we’ve contacted her.  She and her staff are very professional and responsive.

Victoria lives in San Francisco with her husband and operates a fantastic travel agency!

Please check out her website and give her a call or send her an email when you need to book flights to Ukraine!


Victoria, Mark, Spike, and Anna


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Alan Petzold December 9, 2013 at 7:53 pm

Hi I would like to know if I can fly into Germany and then take the Train. This way I can stop of for a Day or two here and there. I understand that I have a month to use the Rail pass. Also I understand that it is only 35 hours from Frankfort to Kiev.
MY plan is if I am going thee I want to spend 5 to 6 weeks there to get to know Ukraine.
I will have places to stay as I will be using

Next I would have to connect to the Rail system in Ukraine which I believe we can do in the City of Kiev. Once I am finished traveling around the many different cities. Can I get a flight back to the US from Kiev??? Or should I go back in the Train to Germany and get a flight back.

What I would like to know is this something you can do or at least provide the info.
Please email regarding this request.
Alan Petzold


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