"Ukrainian Secrets" International Womens Day Video

March 8 is International Women's Day - a public holiday in our country. This day is very famous here and loved by everyone, perhaps because it is the time spring comes to us. We congratulate all women, especially mothers, we tell them kind words, give flowers and gifts. Children make gifts for moms, grandmothers, and sister by themselves The history of this holiday says, that women were trying to get equal rights with men, they wanted to not work so hard( it is hard to imagine, at that time they were working 16 hours per day), they were asking for better conditions at their work places and they wanted a right to vote, but now as usually, it is celebrated with family, or with friends and family. Men need to have time to congratulate all the women close to them - mother, wife, mother in law, sister, daughter. And since this is not huddle like this had happened before, several families in one apartment, it is necessary to them to wander around the city, to have time to kiss each precious woman for them. Towards evening they felt tired but very satisfied and happy, and all because they said during the whole day sincere and gentle words, they glorified and praised the women's wisdom, courage, beauty, gave the first spring flowers and plain gifts - everything that was enough for their men`s fantasy.


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