Ukrainian Secrets - The first festival of wedding ceremonies “Nicely about the main thing”

The first festival of wedding ceremonies “Nicely about the main thing”

Each countries, each nation, each family has it’s own tradition of wedding ceremony. It’s wonderful, when this tradition lives
and goes through generations. The fashion changes, while values close to our soul remain the same. Wedding ceremony gives an
opportunity to our parents, grandparents to become not only the guests, but important members of special ocaussion. Don’t make
it impossible to live with your relatives. On 10th of April 2016 in the downtown of the city of Kiev at the
shore of river Dnipro the first fest in Ukraine of wedding ceremony «??????? ? ???????» took place. (Nicely about the main)
10 ceremonies were introduced there in different styles and in various concepts, with real couples and genuine emotions.
Imagine the modern house, wich is build by fashionable designer, but the heating was forgotten. It’s pretty much fashionable, but
extremely cold. Wedding looks absolutely the same without wedding ceremony included- splendid, but empty and doesn’t feel cosy enough. Wedding day makes us truly happy when it’s not only packed with outer items, but with genuine and bright emotions.Right at the time of wedding ceremony, when the vanity goes away and the feelings become the main the story of love and relationships with relatives also, we experience this emotion goes on the highest level. What makes me feel happy is that concept of international wedding ceremony was presented in the ‘Shabby’ style. Ukrainian girl gets married with young man from Denmark. All guests were paying great attention to ceremony and were happy with sincere love of the couple. The bride made a present to groom- the Ukrainian flag. The sophisticated words of love sounded at the ceremony. And this is the very first festival in Ukraine wich is going to improve, wich is going to allow couples to make the wedding day bright and unforgettable.The theme of DC company should be spoken about, in my opinion.
For many years DC company have helped lonely people to find their soul mates, that ended up in marriage. Their children was born and they are happy with their fortune.
And this happiness should be shared with other people. I suppose that I will open up the new heading‘happy couple tales’



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