7 Rules For Life For Men


Men and Boys are in Crisis, and most of it comes from two things:


  • Men and Boys have harmful priorities, or

  • Men and Boys have no direction.


In our "princess / politically correct" world we live in today, men have surrendered their power and its results have caused the mess we are in nowadays.



How Did This Happen?


Take a look at what's happened over the past 40 years.  Since the 1960's, there has been a rebellion against traditional values, especially in the male/female realm of relationships.


As my friend Zan Perrion has said:


"What they wanted was equality, but what they got was SAMENESS."


In the 1960's, the youth had an original, laudable search for equality...


But the men have striven to be more feminine.


And the women have striven to be more masculine.


...and NO ONE is happy.


The "Baby Boomer's" carefree attitude toward sex and relationships has resulted in children who were often raised in female-only families.


The children have grown up fatherless, have no real direction in life, and are effectively, LOST.


If we are to become a strong, proud culture again, we need to take note of our past mistakes, re-build, and lift up men to take ownership of their responsibilities and live up to their ultimate potential.


Ultimately, the world will become a better place.


Let's now examine...



Mistakes of "Lost" Men:


  • Putting the Woman First: Men have lost the fire for life and has elevated the women around then to the point of being on a pedestal.

    Women want to be swept up into something great; and if you aren't passionate about ANYTHING, you're milquetoast.

  • No Passion for Living: You need a passion for life; something that inspires you, whatever it is -- whether or not a woman is around. 

    If you have no passion and have given up on life, it's not much better than death.

"Some people die at 25 and aren't buried until 75."
- Benjamin Franklin


  • Wandering Aimlessly: It's easy to just "get by" and not strive for what you want.

    Yes, it's more difficult to not try -- but stories are never told, and histories are never written about great men who didn't try.

  • Afraid to Confront / Avoid Challenge: Many men are afraid to take on their world.  The world WILL have confrontations; the world WILL be challenging.

    Anything worth doing WILL be difficult.  If you want more out of life than just 'getting along', you'll have to be proactive and make it happen.

  • Desire to Make Everyone Happy: Other people's happiness is NOT your responsibility, nor is it possible. 

    A desire to make other people happy will keep you from engaging the world, because you're afraid to make anyone unhappy.  If you're afraid to make anyone unhappy, you will never do anything great! 

    There's nothing you can do in this world that won't make SOMEONE unhappy, so focus on YOU.

    YOU make your own happiness.

  • Don't Know What They Want or How to Ask for It: Most men get "stuck" here because they aren't happy unless everyone else is happy.  So, when they are asked what THEY want, guys freeze.

    Men Lead.

    But you can't lead if you don't know what you want.

    Embrace your masculinity, and go for it.



Now, on to...


The 7 Rules for Life: The 7 Things You Can Do TODAY to Embrace Your Purpose in a World of Chaos



1) Stay Connected with Men:


The bonds that good men form with each other is something that our society pretty much ignores. 


Not in the "touchy-feely, hug a tree" type of male bonding, but more in line with finding supportive and optimistic male friends who will challenge you.


We all need close friends who you can share anything with, as a circle of friends who will keep you grounded.



2) Pursue Your Masculine Purpose:


The purpose of masculinity is to discover those ways where you can add your strength to the greater world around you. 


The true strength of masculinity is found in our commitment to just and good, while keeping our passions within due bounds at all times. 


Use your strength to evaluate your world, and adding that strength to the tasks at hand.



3) Lean In To Challenge:


Challenge is life and growth. 


Without challenge, we'll tend to drift toward lifelessness. 


Focus on your "Now", not the "Someday". 


Allow your challenges to awaken your senses to action by developing these two Mantras: "Bring it on", and "I got this."



4) Rigorous Exercise:


Plain and simply, there are many hinderances to having a lazy body:


People will see you as lazy and undisciplined, you're less attractive to people and have less energy to engage opportunities, you hurt more, are tired more often, and you're constantly reminded that you could be more.


So... Engage in muscle-building exercises, and if you're over 35, have your testosterone checked.



5) Give Your Gift to the World:


In order to give your gift to the world, first and foremost, you need to know what it is! 


Think in terms of your legacy - what do you want to be remembered for? 


What pain in the world breaks your heart?  What victories get you fired up?


The world needs you and has no replacement for you, so discover how you can own your gift and make sure you KEEP giving it to the world!



6) Practice Morning Rituals:


When you first wake up, you need certain practices that will get your mind and body prepared to take on the world.  Start with breathing exercises to oxygenate your blood and fully wake up, then move on to doing some sort of exercise to get your blood pumping.  After doing these two, take some moments to get your mind in order and get motivated.


Plan your day out to YOUR priorities and things to get done, and don't forget to take some time to learn something new each day.  Lastly, take your time to work on your spirit -- whether that's meditation, prayer, or whatever works for you, you need to devote some time to "higher" thinking.



7) Practice Nightly Rituals:


At the end of the day, take a look at your day's activities:  Did you accomplish your big tasks?  Did you improve someone else's day?  What did you do to work towards your legacy?  Did something "trigger" you?  If so, how did it happen, and how can you improve how you reacted to it?


Lastly, did you add strength to the world and those around you?



Take these 7 Rules and start today with each one of them.  Take a few moments to pause and focus on each rule and how you can implement them.


When you do that, you'll find that your mind becomes clearer, your goals tend to be more attainable, and your happiness grows.


Check out the Full Webinar I did on this subject below, entitled "7 Rules of Life For Men":




The whole idea behind these is to prepare your mind, body, and spirit for a life of greatness.  You'll find that you begin living your life full of passion and drive, and nothing is more attractive to a woman, than a man who's living a life of passion and is driven to pursue his goals.


When you have your "house in order", you'll find that you're living your life like a "King building his Kingdom" -- the only thing left is for you to find your Queen.


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